Every generation has its own stories, perspective and lessons to pass down, and it’s up to us to listen. Before the world of social media and digital content being stored indefinitely, we would sit at the feet of our oldest living relatives and hear stories about their lives. These stories would contain life lessons and powerful messages.

Next time you see your grandparents or great-grandparents, sit and listen for a bit. See if you can learn something special. Here are three things we can and should learn from our older family members:

Inner Strength

Chances are that your grandparents or great-grandparents went through a LOT. Today’s world, even with the amount of upheaval we can find ourselves in, doesn’t compare to theirs. Working back-breaking jobs, seeing their spouses for scant minutes at the end of a day, going to war and relying on letters for communication, and feeding large families with almost no supplies. They persevered and pushed through for their family and for survival, and they didn’t have a choice! If we can harness even a fraction of that resilience and fortitude, we can make them proud.


In a world that didn’t have YouTube or reality television, there were no celebrities. You counted the number of friends you had on one hand, and there was no social media to boost your ego for getting lots of engagements on a post or photo. Being humble wasn’t a special trait back then – it was the standard, and each of us would do better to introduce more humility into our daily lives.


Your grandparents, and grand-uncles and grand-aunts, and everyone from the older generation have the best stories! They’ve lived through the events you’ve only read about in books, and they can tell you firsthand what it was like. You can hear about their feelings and fears and hopes and what it truly meant to be present during some of the major moments of history. And on a smaller scale, they know all about the family history – the juicy gossip, the sacrifices made, and the origins of your own personal DNA.

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