One of the most challenging moments for any family is when a family member is diagnosed with a limited life expectancy. There are many decisions to be made, including where the loved one will be spending his or her final days. In most situations, in-home care can provide a solace and comfort that inpatient care can’t. Here at Compassionate Care, we can help by providing caregivers who will work closely with hospice agencies or palliative care providers to ease the emotional and physical challenges your family will face in the upcoming days.

There are three areas where we provide end-of-life care assistance:

Skilled Nursing: By coordinating with any other agencies, a nurse can help manage and administer medication, change bandages, and educate and inform the patient and family throughout the process. In addition, your nurse can act as a liaison, bridging any communication gap with the hospice care providers and responding to any unanswered questions.

Personal Care: The caretaker we provide will be able to assist with a wide range of services to keep your loved one as comfortable and safe as possible. This includes bathing, dressing, and toileting assistance, light housekeeping, helping with laundry and meal prep, and assisting the patient with eating, sitting up, and any other help he or she may need.

Companionship: Finally, while we know that you and your family want to be there as your loved one lives out his or her final days in peace, continuous visitation is never possible. Our caretakers provide companionship and friendship in those moments when you can’t be present, giving you the space to take care of the other important aspects of your life guilt-free.

By demonstrating both compassion and professionalism, we can be by your side to provide reassurance, support, and assistance throughout a process that can be emotionally and physically exhausting. With years of expertise and an innate understanding of the end-of-life and grieving process, Compassionate Care is here to help.