The Best Care You Can Give Your Parents Is A Caregiver

As our parents age, we begin to worry about their health and safety. This can create a dilemma – how do we properly show our concern for our parents who loved and raised us, while still respecting their boundaries and privacy as adults and our elders?

We can’t ignore the risk that they may be avoiding social activities or neglecting their hygiene. They could be putting themselves at risk at home, or others at risk on the road. What are our options to make sure our parents receive the right care while maintaining their independence and dignity?

Option 1: Move them into your own house

Pros: They’ll have supervision and observation, and you’ll be able to make sure they’re eating right, protected at all times, staying clean, and having all of their medical needs brought to attention.

Cons: Your home life can be negatively affected, and your entire family dynamic will change. There may be resentment and resistance, resulting in anger and acting out. Finally, they will no longer have the comfort of living at their long-treasured home surrounded by important possessions and memories. This abrupt removal of control can have negative effects on mental health and happiness. And even though you’ll be supervising them, they may need medical attention you can’t provide or have medical issues you’re unqualified to identify.

Option 2: Move them into an assisted living facility

Pros: Under some supervision from medically trained professionals, they will be treated well, be able to socialize with new friends, and have many of their needs taken care of. Emergencies are taken care of quickly and professionally, and medical issues can be identified in time to be prevented.

Cons: You’ll be uprooting them from a home that gives them comfort and moving them somewhere unfamiliar. They’ll be resentful and may not want to partake in any of the activities provided, rebelling against the removal of their dignity and independence. There can occasionally be mental deterioration once they’re displaced from the familiarity of home, and assisted living facilities have a risk of elder abuse as well.

Option 3: Get in-home caregiver services from a company like Compassionate Care

Pros: This is the best of both worlds! Your parents will get to live comfortably in a familiar environment with professionally trained and licensed caregivers who will balance their need for independence and dignity with companionship, assistance, and medical care. You’ll be able to spend time with them at home, knowing that they’re safe and secure, and rather than be resentful of being pulled out of their comfort zone, they’ll be appreciative of the assistance they’re receiving.

Cons: Is it a con to have your parents love and appreciate you more? We didn’t think so.


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