Studies have shown that as we get older, it’s important to stay active both mentally and physically. Staying active results in living longer, healthier lives, even if it might be easier to just sit at home and watch TV!

In the interest of sparking some motivation, here’s a list of 5 activities that seniors and retirement age adults can enjoy!

  1. Try a new restaurant – Break out of old habits, and give a new cuisine, cooking style, or location a try! Use Yelp or another site to find a well-reviewed local restaurant you’ve never experienced, and give it a shot. They might not all be winners, but you could find a new favorite!
  2. Go to the movies – Even if it’s just like watching TV, except in a public place with a much bigger screen, why not get out of the house? Check out a local independent film, a documentary, or see what you think of the latest blockbuster.
  3. Date – If you’re single, go mingle! There are plenty of great dating sites out there that can match you up with someone who’s your age, has similar interests, and might just make you smile!
  4. Go shopping – This doesn’t just mean the mall. Have you checked out local thrift stores, secondhand furniture or antique shops, or small vintage stores? There are likely plenty of unique little places that would be a great place to shop!
  5. Join (or start) an organization – Unless you live somewhere with a single-digit population, chances are high that there are organizations filled with people you’ll get along great with! From veteran organizations to community groups, who knows what fun you’ll find? And if you don’t see an organization that matches your needs, why not start one?

These are just five out of the hundreds of activities that you can do to stay active, keep healthy, and most importantly, have fun. And of course, once you’re done, you can rely on Compassionate Care to be there for you, with in-home care services that keep you healthy and safe at home as well. Call (561) 244-5098 or (888) 814-3778 for a free in-home assessment.