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31 07, 2018

What do you call four senior citizens zipping down a zipline? I call them ‘crazy’

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"For a while there, the skies over Suamico were darkened with senior citizens flying overhead. A virtual blitzkrieg of septuagenarians, all coming in from the west at breakneck speed, their arms and legs dangling, their bodies twisting in the sky. At least one of them had their eyes tightly closed, but some appeared to actually be [...]

28 07, 2018

The Reasons People Need In-Home Care

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Did you know that in-home care isn't just for someone who's sick or bedridden? There are so many reasons that our clients use Compassionate Care, and you might be surprised at a few of them! With a wide range of services from companion to personal care to skilled nursing, we offer something for everyone. Of course, [...]

20 07, 2018

Staying Active After Retirement

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Studies have shown that as we get older, it’s important to stay active both mentally and physically. Staying active results in living longer, healthier lives, even if it might be easier to just sit at home and watch TV! In the interest of sparking some motivation, here’s a list of 5 activities that seniors and retirement [...]

16 07, 2018

On Becoming 90

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This is a fantastic article written by Dr. Natasha Josefowitz on turning 90. Prepare to be inspired! "I often still feel like a spring chicken, but I’m coming to realize I’m really just an old hen. So this column is to prepare all of my readers who, if they are lucky enough, also reach 90. What [...]

16 07, 2018

Personal Finance Checklist At Age 50

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In a youth-oriented culture, it is easy to feel a little over the hill by the time you turn 50. When it comes to building wealth though, your 50s are the prime of your life - a period when you have a chance to emerge from debt, enjoy your peak earning years and start to see [...]

16 07, 2018

My Grandmother Found The Love Of Her Life At Ninety

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“I have a boyfriend,” said Grandma over the telephone. It was August of 2016, and I was pretending to be in Arizona although I had in fact moved to Istanbul. For years Grandma had been saying that I should stop travelling to Turkey because it was “a very dangerous place.” Having decided that the truth wasn’t [...]

16 07, 2018

Study: Humans Haven’t Reached Full Lifespan

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HUMANS HAVE BEEN living longer for decades, and a new study shows there is no ceiling in sight for lifespan. A study published Friday in the journal Science found that the death rate of seniors abruptly slows around 80 years old and then plateaus at 105 years old, which they interpreted to mean that humans are not close to [...]